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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Heatrock For You Fools

Hey wassup wassup. Just dropping by for a lil visit. Nothing serious until I finish all of One Tree Hill and watch this episode of Reba.F*ck what you think but those are my favorite shows on the tube right now and I would like to know what's hotter right now. And don't say entourage or true blood. I have yet to check them out yet. Anyways I just came to start a new section called F.H.F.Y.F or Friday Heatrock For You Fools.

I just want you all to always have dope music to ride to and just zone out in your own worlds. Every Friday I'm going to drop some new music that I'm checking out that I believe is something you should have on your ipods as well. Some of my choices may be wack to the consesus but you got to just open your minds to something new and different. Today's heatrock comes from probably one of REALEST rappers I've ever heard, Freddie Gibbs. To describe homie in one word it would be RUTHLESS. I'm CAPPING these particular words to show you the magnitude how how REAL this guy REALLY is. His new mixtape, Str8killa,NoFilla just came out yesterday and I gave it a thorough listen today. I don't usually listen to niggas that rap about gang banging and busting fools in the mouth, but I can listen to someone who can really rhyme and depict how his brash lifestyle has brought him so far. That's the case with Freddie and on the first listen, you might not like the guy. But I encourage you all to just keep listening and take the music for what it is, good gangsta real ass rap. Thank Me Whenever for this one.

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