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Monday, August 2, 2010

Press D

Currently on a Charles Hamilton mode of music. Hamilton is one of my favorite rappers right now because I relate to his music. I look like I have my life together for the most part and that I'm just KD'ing the game right now at such a young age. But I'm going through changes just like the rest of the kids out there. Hamilton is truly a STAND OUT that is sort of a pompous asshole that is just misunderstood. That is exactly who I am. I will admit I enjoy his old shit better than some of his new "experimental" zoning out music.

At one point I was even rocking the big headphones all through school trying to be like Hamilton. My Skullcandy's are now ruined and it has me kind of in a depressing mood. Oh well, I waste another 50 dollars on another pair when I get this little job at Ole Miss. My main reason for liking Hamilton is that he says what he feels. He doesn't sugar coat and make people feel comfortable listening to his music. He has said some of the most craziest ish I've ever heard from any artist. What kind of artist says he "daps God fist from heaven, while going down on a girl he just met?" Yeah, very out there. But I relate to his lifestyle and whole musical movement, so kudos to Mr. Hamilton.

Hamilton also always gives me good advice when it comes to women and the problems I have with some females that I have courted in the past. I co-sign his mixtape, Well Isnt' this Awkard. It's a mixtape about Rihanna. All about Rihanna. No lie. Dude has a mad crush on homegirl and he makes his intentions known on the tape. I listen to it everytime I see a girl that causes me to have short gasps of breathe. It soothes the brain and helps me get my mindstate right when it is time for me to make a move. I'll give you guys a little song from it and probably my favorite Charles Hamilton song of all time.

Charles also inspired this whole blog so he gets alot of thanks in my log. I'm off to read "Eat, Pray, Love". Yeah Pac Div got me on this book and it's pretty damn good so far. I need a beautiful bittie to watch the motion picture with me next week. I got one in mind. This song reminds me of her.

One more thing....My new nickname is Te. I will be called by nothing else. Peace out fools.

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