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Monday, August 30, 2010

We are alive in this muggg

REAL short post. Just wanted to inform everybody that me and my partner are alive and doing well in Oxford. I still have this little lingering hangover but I will be alive for the women this weekend. Sitting in J.D. Williams library at Ole Miss knocking blog posts out. We grinding. Acey is still loud as hell so expect alot of my posts to come from odd places at my new home. So many new resources! Until the next meeting.

P.S. shoutout to the girl from ohio. you really have my heart beating double time word to that guy drizzy. I'm off to zone off to these charles hamilton love songs hahahaha.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Acey Love

Name of my computer is Acey Love and right now she has been infected. Every father hates to hear this news about their only daughter, but the great thing is that she can be fixed. Weir Hall is the doctor. I hope they have vaccines and medicines on deck because if not.........I don't want to think about that possibility. Shoutout to my homie Brent Robinson for letting me borrow his computer. You really do find your best buds on college campuses. I will not do another post until Acey is 100 PERCENT HEALTHY. Sorry but I am faithful to my shit.

Oh yeah I'm just blazing kanye west beats right now. Damn based god. Too much!!!!

I'm also joining a fraternity. Yeah I will become a egotistical asshole but I plan to change how that this is perceived in a major way.

Until Acey is healed.....love and pudding pops bitches.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kanye Having a Kobe Revolution

I dont know if you guys have peeped the kid out lately but kanye is turning over a new leaf he's calling this act or lifestyle "Rosewood" which means treating people nicely in public calling your grandmother or family to check up on them and most importantly dressing nicely lol

This got me to thinking when kobe changed over from kb8 to kb24 when looking back it with (2 rings later) now you could honestly look back and call those two different people although its only one kobe! ya know?



I think this is the same direction Ye is going in with blazing hot new music and crazy record sell (which he will do) i dont see why kanye cant win the hearts of everybody bc everyone knows there's no doubt the music is there people just tunned him out bc they thought he was a arrogant prick but stay tunned to the guy i think he's gonna have a incredible year he might stop dropping music like weezy did a few years back but with all else he's dropping that album we dont know the name of yet in november so once again watch out i think Ye's gonna have a year to remember

Me just dropping how i feel but i'll be sure to keep you posted the Good Music Fam is supposed to be droppin a mixtape tomorrow and Big Sean with finally famous vol 3 too!!!

so i'll promise to keep you posted and btw pardonthedopenss!

-Staino iiimmmmm oooouuutttt!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vontae Beat Me Too It!!!!

Man how about von p beat me to my next post on my boy Ye but guess i can put the angie martinez interview up its some good info if you got some time on your hand listen shoutout to kanye he might be the artist of our generation real talk

This might be the first and only album i buy this year! lol yeah i didnt buy TML haha

Download Kanye West The Anige Martinez Show August 2010 mp3

Repeat then Repeat then...damn repeat!!!!

The College Droupout=one of the best hip hop albums of all time.

Ye's new album= Probably one of the best ALBUMS ever made. Maybe I'm pushing the envelope,but dammit it will get mailed first class I PROMISE you. I just have that feeling.

Ye's new song=Repeat music. Best music to have. Play out until you get sick of it and then stop playing for the next 2 to 3 years. When you finally hear it again, the memories flood your system and you play that muhfugger out again.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You out yo mind? You out yo League!

Applaud Gerard for finally putting up a post. Boo him for butchering my middle name. Must have got it from Lizzy McGuire haha. Boo him also for not buying me those KD2's that were looking mighty OD when I saw them on the text message. Whatever though, we supposed to roll together for the next four years so I will forgive him for his sins.

Cooking right now word the based god Lil B. This sounds mad crazy, and I mean CRAZY but I kind of like Lil B's music. Maybe it's because his music is comedic relief for me in a rap game where some fans take shit too seriously nowadays. Maybe it's his whole "cook cook woo woo swag" demeanor. I got to admit though, the WOO, WOO, WOO!! gets me hype everytime I hear it. Maybe the ignorance is something I need in my life, but I dig Lil B's direction. LET THAT BOY COOK!! With that being said, he does makes some garbage ass music. It's so bad, it can pass as good sometimes. I think it's Soulja boy tell'em that has him that way, but that is what happens when niggas start collecting checks. I pray I don't act that way when I get a little swizz cheese. I probably will though. It's just a nigga urge.

I got to stop blogging and cooking bro! It messes up the whole proccess and I have burned two batches of cookies in a row. I'll eat the 2nd burned batch just because my girl has to get use to my cooking. I promise the chef will back in the making soon baby!

I believe I'm about to watch Interview with a Vampire. My dad told me it's a flick. I don't know whether he means that in a porno way or a good "flick" way. He could mean both. My father is complex like the magazine. I will leave you all with some cooking music to get your culinary arts on with. WOO! WOO! SWAG!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I know i know these shoes dropped in February but ive been slobbing over them since then and the blog is called pardon the dopeness right? but ya boy was broke for a very long time but theres nothing like working your ass off and buying what you want so shoutout to these 25th anniversary 2's

you wanted a post rayshawn ya got one! haha


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just got word that my work eases the strife and grief that one has throughout their day. Thanks Sed. Checking in late tonight because I just really have nothing to really accomplish for the rest of the night. Just got done finishing up another episode of One Tree Hill and I'm more than halfway done through the 4th season. I kind of start watching the series like the Star Wars collection, 5-7 and now I've looked at seasons 1-3 and I'm almost done with season 4. Bittersweet feeling for me because the series is really good for those first 4. Season 5 and 6 are cool in their own right and season 7 is WEAK but still good. Just proves that One Tree Hill's worst season is better than most of the bullshit that the Tv consumes us with. Oh yeah, did I mention OTH was really basketball influenced in the beginning!!!

Word is that Kanye's "portrait" of "Power" is dropping after Jersey Shore tomorrow. Dude is a genius. After everyone finishes watching the debauchery of people from the state of New Jersey, they will be so tuned in for what Ye has in store. Shit, any nigga that calls their music video a fuggin "portrait" is truly on some KING AKEEM THE ROYAL PENIS IS CLEAN TYPE SHIT. I type that in all caps because I feel Ye would describe it the same way in his own clevery, swaggery, arrogant way. MY CHAIN HEAVY!!! MY CHAIN HEAVY!!! MY CHAIN HEAVY!!!! I feel that is going to be my favorite song on the new album.

Lil Wayne dropped some new shit and it's pretty decent. I feel that I have drifted away from all of his music simply off the fact that he doesn't appeal to me anymore. Sure, his music is still good from time to time, but I remember when I was in 7th and 8th grade dying to hear anything with Wayne's name written on it. I even remember downloading my first Little Brother song, "Breakin My Heart", just because his name was on the track. I use to fast forwarded through Big Pooh and Phonte's part just for the hell of it. Never listening to their verses and realizing Te had the best verse. I was young then, and I didn't know much. If their is one thing I realize now, it's that Little Brother has always been ill, and Phonte SHITS on Weezy when it comes to straight up real life lyrics. Maybe that's why I strayed away from Weezy. I couldn't relate to his shit and he really doesn't talk about anything of value in his lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with the quote on quote "club music" and what not. But when I'm in my room just zoning out, I want to hear something of substance. I wish Wayne would do that, but he is who he is and I have no hate for the guy. He just needs to leave the auto tune alone.

Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak is a classic. #fuckyouropinion

Everyone should check out www.karmaloop.com. I'm getting my clothes from there tomorrow since the TJ Maxx outchea won't be open until the day after I leave from Ole Miss.

Someone contact Gerard Restanio and tell him to post something for crying out loud! Please and thank you.

GEORGE KUSH DA BUTTON. What the hell of a name.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Press D

Currently on a Charles Hamilton mode of music. Hamilton is one of my favorite rappers right now because I relate to his music. I look like I have my life together for the most part and that I'm just KD'ing the game right now at such a young age. But I'm going through changes just like the rest of the kids out there. Hamilton is truly a STAND OUT that is sort of a pompous asshole that is just misunderstood. That is exactly who I am. I will admit I enjoy his old shit better than some of his new "experimental" zoning out music.

At one point I was even rocking the big headphones all through school trying to be like Hamilton. My Skullcandy's are now ruined and it has me kind of in a depressing mood. Oh well, I waste another 50 dollars on another pair when I get this little job at Ole Miss. My main reason for liking Hamilton is that he says what he feels. He doesn't sugar coat and make people feel comfortable listening to his music. He has said some of the most craziest ish I've ever heard from any artist. What kind of artist says he "daps God fist from heaven, while going down on a girl he just met?" Yeah, very out there. But I relate to his lifestyle and whole musical movement, so kudos to Mr. Hamilton.

Hamilton also always gives me good advice when it comes to women and the problems I have with some females that I have courted in the past. I co-sign his mixtape, Well Isnt' this Awkard. It's a mixtape about Rihanna. All about Rihanna. No lie. Dude has a mad crush on homegirl and he makes his intentions known on the tape. I listen to it everytime I see a girl that causes me to have short gasps of breathe. It soothes the brain and helps me get my mindstate right when it is time for me to make a move. I'll give you guys a little song from it and probably my favorite Charles Hamilton song of all time.

Charles also inspired this whole blog so he gets alot of thanks in my log. I'm off to read "Eat, Pray, Love". Yeah Pac Div got me on this book and it's pretty damn good so far. I need a beautiful bittie to watch the motion picture with me next week. I got one in mind. This song reminds me of her.

One more thing....My new nickname is Te. I will be called by nothing else. Peace out fools.