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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kanye Having a Kobe Revolution

I dont know if you guys have peeped the kid out lately but kanye is turning over a new leaf he's calling this act or lifestyle "Rosewood" which means treating people nicely in public calling your grandmother or family to check up on them and most importantly dressing nicely lol

This got me to thinking when kobe changed over from kb8 to kb24 when looking back it with (2 rings later) now you could honestly look back and call those two different people although its only one kobe! ya know?



I think this is the same direction Ye is going in with blazing hot new music and crazy record sell (which he will do) i dont see why kanye cant win the hearts of everybody bc everyone knows there's no doubt the music is there people just tunned him out bc they thought he was a arrogant prick but stay tunned to the guy i think he's gonna have a incredible year he might stop dropping music like weezy did a few years back but with all else he's dropping that album we dont know the name of yet in november so once again watch out i think Ye's gonna have a year to remember

Me just dropping how i feel but i'll be sure to keep you posted the Good Music Fam is supposed to be droppin a mixtape tomorrow and Big Sean with finally famous vol 3 too!!!

so i'll promise to keep you posted and btw pardonthedopenss!

-Staino iiimmmmm oooouuutttt!

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