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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just got word that my work eases the strife and grief that one has throughout their day. Thanks Sed. Checking in late tonight because I just really have nothing to really accomplish for the rest of the night. Just got done finishing up another episode of One Tree Hill and I'm more than halfway done through the 4th season. I kind of start watching the series like the Star Wars collection, 5-7 and now I've looked at seasons 1-3 and I'm almost done with season 4. Bittersweet feeling for me because the series is really good for those first 4. Season 5 and 6 are cool in their own right and season 7 is WEAK but still good. Just proves that One Tree Hill's worst season is better than most of the bullshit that the Tv consumes us with. Oh yeah, did I mention OTH was really basketball influenced in the beginning!!!

Word is that Kanye's "portrait" of "Power" is dropping after Jersey Shore tomorrow. Dude is a genius. After everyone finishes watching the debauchery of people from the state of New Jersey, they will be so tuned in for what Ye has in store. Shit, any nigga that calls their music video a fuggin "portrait" is truly on some KING AKEEM THE ROYAL PENIS IS CLEAN TYPE SHIT. I type that in all caps because I feel Ye would describe it the same way in his own clevery, swaggery, arrogant way. MY CHAIN HEAVY!!! MY CHAIN HEAVY!!! MY CHAIN HEAVY!!!! I feel that is going to be my favorite song on the new album.

Lil Wayne dropped some new shit and it's pretty decent. I feel that I have drifted away from all of his music simply off the fact that he doesn't appeal to me anymore. Sure, his music is still good from time to time, but I remember when I was in 7th and 8th grade dying to hear anything with Wayne's name written on it. I even remember downloading my first Little Brother song, "Breakin My Heart", just because his name was on the track. I use to fast forwarded through Big Pooh and Phonte's part just for the hell of it. Never listening to their verses and realizing Te had the best verse. I was young then, and I didn't know much. If their is one thing I realize now, it's that Little Brother has always been ill, and Phonte SHITS on Weezy when it comes to straight up real life lyrics. Maybe that's why I strayed away from Weezy. I couldn't relate to his shit and he really doesn't talk about anything of value in his lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with the quote on quote "club music" and what not. But when I'm in my room just zoning out, I want to hear something of substance. I wish Wayne would do that, but he is who he is and I have no hate for the guy. He just needs to leave the auto tune alone.

Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak is a classic. #fuckyouropinion

Everyone should check out www.karmaloop.com. I'm getting my clothes from there tomorrow since the TJ Maxx outchea won't be open until the day after I leave from Ole Miss.

Someone contact Gerard Restanio and tell him to post something for crying out loud! Please and thank you.

GEORGE KUSH DA BUTTON. What the hell of a name.

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