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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Heatrock For You Fools

Hey wassup wassup. Just dropping by for a lil visit. Nothing serious until I finish all of One Tree Hill and watch this episode of Reba.F*ck what you think but those are my favorite shows on the tube right now and I would like to know what's hotter right now. And don't say entourage or true blood. I have yet to check them out yet. Anyways I just came to start a new section called F.H.F.Y.F or Friday Heatrock For You Fools.

I just want you all to always have dope music to ride to and just zone out in your own worlds. Every Friday I'm going to drop some new music that I'm checking out that I believe is something you should have on your ipods as well. Some of my choices may be wack to the consesus but you got to just open your minds to something new and different. Today's heatrock comes from probably one of REALEST rappers I've ever heard, Freddie Gibbs. To describe homie in one word it would be RUTHLESS. I'm CAPPING these particular words to show you the magnitude how how REAL this guy REALLY is. His new mixtape, Str8killa,NoFilla just came out yesterday and I gave it a thorough listen today. I don't usually listen to niggas that rap about gang banging and busting fools in the mouth, but I can listen to someone who can really rhyme and depict how his brash lifestyle has brought him so far. That's the case with Freddie and on the first listen, you might not like the guy. But I encourage you all to just keep listening and take the music for what it is, good gangsta real ass rap. Thank Me Whenever for this one.

Monday, July 26, 2010

One season at a time

Meh. Meh. Meh. Exactly how I feel when it comes to blogging sometimes. I don't feel it necessary to blog everyday about how I'm feeling or what particular event made me feel like I was the "man". But I'm starting to realize that I need this blog to vent whenever I feel like it. That means I could drop 100 more posts tonight if that would get some ish off my mind. That also could mean that I could wait until December 31 and run down my year and how I expect to be more "involved" with my life and take a stand. I'll just take the middle, I presume. Let's just say I will never go more than a week without post SOMETHING that is of some importance to me. Last week, you guys got the skinny on my trip to DC and how we straight balled out on food like it was the last time we were gong to see it. Today I just want to say that I am a One Tree Hill junkie and I'm damn proud of this obsession.

My relationship with the One Tree Hill all started way back in 03 when all we had was the antenna with the foil around the tip to receive 4-5 channels. Out of those 4 channels, 3 of them being news channels, only one made me not go into a depression from boredom. That was the WB. I watched the WB channel on weekends anyways because their Saturday shows were so intact and dope. This is when Yugioh was poppin and all the kids had the cards and were searching for the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Digimon use to come on too I think. Or was that Pokemon? Eh, its not important now but anyway the WB was the channel that appeased me the most. One Tuesday night while I was watching the channel, some show came on and it had this guy and this one chick making out in a beach house. At the time I didn't feel like watching this lite porn so I was making a move to change the channel when they dipped right from that scene and showed a scene of the same guy shooting some hoops. Well, that is when the syringe of the drug called One Tree Hill hooked me and made me want more. I didn't give a EFF about all the love triangles and relationship problems that the show usually displayed. All I cared about was the basketball portion because at the time it was the only basketball I could ever watch seeing that we never had ESPN until around 05.

Every episode had basketball somehow tied in the storyline. To give you a skinny of the whole series, basically it is about two brothers, Lucas and Nathan, who live in Tree Hill, Carolina. They both have the same father, Dan Scott, who gets Lucas' mother pregnant when they are just in high school and then leaves her for college where he meets Nathan's mom and gets her pregnant. He chooses to marry Nathan's mom and start a family with him and he forgets all about Lucas. The show starts with Lucas and Nathan not even knowing each other until one day Lucas tries out for the high school basketball team. Lucas and Nathan at first hate each other, but as time rolls along they become good friends and even better, good brothers. They both have their share of love triangles and that is mostly what the whole series is about. Season 1 is the only season where they really just focus on basketball and keep the love shit second. Every season after that is the reverse.

I know this is a weird blog post just on the simple fact that I am claiming my love for a "show" that most of you don't watch. If you do watch it, hey, I like you and we people. So far I have watched four seasons on the Internet in a little more than 3 weeks. That is freaking crazy if you know how many episodes usually come in TV series. I believe one day I watched 15 episodes in a row. My mom is actually worried that I might like the show tooooo much. Meh. I just really want to watch the rest of it and catch my mind back up to speed on all the episodes. 03 was a long time ago and I just wanted to go back and watch all the episodes again to relive that feeling I had when I watched it when I was a young teen. One Tree Hill is my "soap opera" addiction and its the best show to have one on. Mainly for the hoops, though. So far I've watched the seasons like the Stars Wars shit. I started at season 5 and watched 6 and 7 in a couple of days. I'm done with season 1 and I just started on 2. Now that I have gotten all this off of my chest, its time to pop that corn and sit and watch around another 10 episodes tonight. Goodnight to all. Y'all be easy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm still here....just check my boarding pass youngin

I probably should have taken my laptop with me on my flight. I'm new to the flying phase in my life and I experienced the true "air" for the first time last Wednesday. I informed you all I was going to DC to this little conference that is supposed to make regular students into phenomenal leaders. Last year was 101 for me in San Antonio and it was one of the best times of my life. Sans drinking and other "activities" kids use for a good time. This year was 201 and I would have to say that I had an even better time than in 101. Only thing this year lacked was my Israli brethren. Shoutout to my homies Cameel, Majd, Nas, and Yousef. We will link up again ONE day. Just wait till I get my money right.

As far as the plane ride, it is truly one of the dopest things I've seen in my life. The world looks so beautiful up in the air and it is really wild how quick you can travel from one side of the world to another in a matter of hours. Some of my other church members were quite afraid to fly but it felt like I was meant for it. I am kind of freaked out by heights but it was cool once I got the hang of it. One thing I will remember once I get my status in this world is that Delta airlines is hella wack. The plane was too crowded and their snacks were sub-par. Even first class looked like they weren't living the life. One of my main problems with flying is maybe my ears are stuffed with wax or something but they were hurting like the city of Cleveland when Bron Bron changed his jersey. I learned the key, however. Just keep yawning and your ears will be fine. This is very random but becoming a member of the Mile High Club has to be a great thing to experience. 30,0000 feet and doing your thing? Ah, dammnnnnnn(Drake voice).

Once we landed in DC it was like going from a high school football workout to a college one, the pace will KILL you if you are not prepared for it! I've never seen an airport like this one because 1) I don't fly and 2) what airport has starbucks and burger king and lacoste stores right down below baggage claim? I'm guessing every big city airport has these luxories but it was really dope to see it for the first time. For all my friends out there, when you see me again and I have a sort of "jackass" attitude, blame it on these dang notherners. They really know how to treat a brother up there. They will bump right into you without saying excuse me and if you try to say hello to anyone, they will give you the look that Herman Edwards gave the press when they asked him about the chiefs going to the playoffs. But I got use to their behavior and I kind of get a thrill out of being a jackass anyway so thanks to the people of the north.

Best part of DC had to be Five Guys. Think if Mondo burger and Good Burger joined forces and this is the kind of meal you have. They also give you the most fries with the rally steeze to go with it. Mcdonalds should take notes from this seeing that whenever I order a large fry from their Establishment, they fill it up like it's a medium fry. Bad business yo. Take about four bites of their regular hamburger and you will be satisfied. The best news I've heard since I've been back home is that Madison has a Five Guys! You can most definitely bet that I will be at that spot sooner than later.

As far as the conference went, it was pretty much the "life". The hotels that is, word to my homie Dom kennedy.

The first night was probably the best night because we actually got the chance to hit the streets and see how the district of Columbia got down. One thing I will give DC is that they have the best food. It is so diverse and every place has a distinct flavor to it. Their Chinese rice was kind of weak compared to OEC in the sip but their jerk chicken had your boy having withdrawals for real. Besides the food, the women there are really pretty. Wale knows his area well.


I met a chick at this place called Thaiphoon out in DC. It was a local Chinese spot my crew and I checked out and it was were the jerk chicken craze began. It was this pretty bittie sitting by the bar and she was eating something that smelled like a dog's ass. I don't judge though so I still made an attempt to approach her. Yeah she was Chinese herself, but boy was she nicceeeeee(fab voice). Long story cut wayyy short, I introduced myself and told her I was from the south and I was an up and coming music producer. Don't know what made me lie about that, but it just sounded good at the time. She was with my advances and she slid me the math. She probably knew I would never call and who knows, that might have been the number to the damn Chinese place she was giving me but I just wanted to know if I could get me some out of town ish and I was some what right. Too bad I was at a church conference haaaaa.

Student Leadership University preached some info to me that I never realized. There were great speakers from all around the world, and since we were in DC, alot of congressmen and women spoke to us about leadership and how it all begins at the feet of Jesus. I agree totally with that statement. God blesses us with so much and I know that I take it for granted everyday. I'm getting better at realizing that for me to be the leader I want to be, I have to follow Jesus' principles. Shoutout to Brent Crowe, the vice president of Student Leadership University. You know how some people just have that "it" factor whenever they speak in front of crowds? Like you would believe them if they told you that elton john really wrote the bible. Yeah it's a weird comparison but Brent is a great speaker just that way. I learned from him that vision is the most important thing that a leader must possess. That's the difference between leaders and followers. Leaders have that vision and they mold it into reality. Followers have no vision for themselves hence they must follow someone Else's to somehow form their own. I also met this guy called "Mr. Inspiration". His real name is Bob Weiland and he fought in the Vietnam War. His life was cut in half, literally, when he stepped on a land mine and it blew both of his legs off. I don't know about you guys, but if I lived having to know that I would never have my own two legs again, I don't know if I would be so optimistic about life as Mr. Bob. Dude came into the conference on his hoveround jacked up. All the way turnt up really. See if you don't know about the guy, I suggest you wikipedia him. To tell you his life story up until right now, they guy runs marathons. ON HIS BARE HANDS. If that is not enough to inspire one, then I'm stumped into how.

Great speakers made DC an eventful trip. The memorials and the muesums we visited also made the trip that more unforgettable. We visited all the memorials from Lincoln to the World War II memorial. DC is just really a big history class. Everywhere you go, you learn something new about the country and it makes me really proud to be an American. Huge shoutout to the soldiers who fought for my freedom and are still fighting to maintain the peace overseas.

If I were to get into the whole trip in "details", this post would be at least 3 pages long so I think I'll stop for now. Just wanted to inform all of the readers where the hell I've been for the past 6 days. I'm still alive. At least I feel alive for now.

Powerful Beyond Measure

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

"IMMA SHOW YOU HOW GREAT I AM!!!!!!"-Muhammad Ali

Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh my goodness technology is crazy these days but i ran across a computer nerd and he informed me about tethering which is where you use your phone as a modem and you can get internet anytime any place anywhere for free!!! all you have to do is download an app and just go from there its amazing download link below



ps sorry folks with att they charge 20 bucks for it :/

Eminem Recovery

Now i'll be honest ive never honestly been a true eminem fan but this album right here is incredible word play lyrics and everything is incredible gives eminem credibility as one of the best in the game if you havent got it go cop it its the truth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

new big sean video

One of Kanye's up and coming artist new video its nice check it out & cop some of his finally famous mixtapes there nice and Finally Famous the album coming September 14 watch out big sean on the rise G.O.O.D. music all day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be still.....let me finish

Today is the day for something that I've been missing for along time. I will not specify what that is but let's just say the neighbors think I moved because your boy stay "gone". I'm close to signing the papers that make this blog just mine because I don't know where the hell my partner G.Stanio has ran off to. He is probably stackin his paper just right but he did make an agreement to help me out so get on your job G!

I've been blasting Curren$y's new album, Pilot Talk, all day long and I must say that it is very dope and it will be put in my CD changer as soon as I step out later today. It's excellent cruising music while the sun's out and you have a pretty bittie next to you rollin something nice up. And yes, I know a girl who has those abilities and she is now one of my best friends. For now that is, until I put that hypnotic karate on her. Yeah, it's that serious. As far as doing an album review, I will say this, I had every so called "track" on pilot talk before it came out so listening to the album really wasn't exciting because I've played the fugg out of all those tracks. But it is still pure fishgrease to say the least. My favorite song on the album would have to "Prioritize" featuring Nesby Phipps. The beat in it's own right makes the song a 7/10. Put that with Spitta smooth wordplay and flow, and you have a hit. I know there are some people that don't like the whole Spitta and Wiz Khalifa movement that is taking over right now. The Jets X Taylor Gang thing seems cultish to them. Honestly, I saw this coming from day one. I've been a Spitta for ever since he was with Young Money and saw the potential there for him to become a huge star. Wayne was just a bad boss back then and he still is now. I still think to this day if Wayne would have kept him, they would be taking over the rap game now. Drake, Spitta, and Wayne? Preferably old Wayne? Mannnn that's some Miami Heat ish right there. Curren$y made the right move though, and he blazed his own path. He is about to make the Jets a household name and people are starting to hate it. Let em hate I say. Everyone that says all that him and Khalifa do is make weed songs are 100 percent correct. But they are being 100 percent real with their lifestyles and they still make the music good while only talking about weed. To shorten my rant, all I mean is I would take Spitta and Khalifa making feel good music you can vibe to rather than all these other so called "tough guy" rappers who live nothing close to the lifestyle they claim to portray. Its that simple.

See? I get off track so quickly. I wasn't even supposed to be discussing music but my mind rambles so much I just right down what spews out of it. Tonight I will most likely start the countdown of my favorite artists in the game and some of you will be surprised. But my friends can vouch for me and tell you all that I always give them the hot new artist to listen to. I'm known for that. Ask G about me haha. I will leave you all with my favorite song off of my homie spittas new album, Pilot talk. Go cop that right now and get down with the Jets movement!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

DC chillin, DP chillin

Hello young world. Hows it going? I myself am in the best of moods seeing that I will be out of town starting wednesday for a very important trip. I'm heading off to DC for a 5 day stay at some luxurious hotel with great continental breakfast(here's to hoping they have waffles)for a student leadership conference. I feel like one of the "chosen ones" because this trip is sponsored by my church and they only pick the top 6 youth out of the church they feel should go. I'm in the second group of youth to go to the DC area and I should have been included in the first(shoutout to my boy Dimaggio) but I will not cry over superstars leaving a team because they are too afraid of the competition. The analogy was supposed to be cry over spoiled milk but since the whole Bron Bron f*ckery, I've made it a point to bash the dude whenever I can.

I will not discuss what I feel about the whole Lebron spectacle because it is what it is. He made the "best" decision he thought for his future and for his family and I can't be mad at a man for trying for keep his priorities first. On the one hand, however, I hate Lebron period so my Cleveland fam can finally share my hate. Cool.

Going back to the DC trip, I know I am going to do my thing out there as I usually do when I'm out of my comfort zone and into a new area. I've also figured out that I am basically a celebrity magnet. When I was in Atl in January, I met Jamal Crawford and saw The Dream in the span of 5 minutes. Jamal was very down to earth and kudos to the guy for being a stand up guy. Dream looked like he was in a rush to smash that strawberry cheesecake he was clutching ever so tightly to his chest. I'm guessing Christina Millian wanted it but I'm no Cleo.

Only thing I'm dreading about this trip is the hours. Around 62 hours of non-stop sessions about leadership. I admit I still need work on my leadership like the next guy but 62 hours worth of teaching? Not for the weak hearted I assure you. I may be exxagurating on the hours a tad bit but blame my youth director, Ms. Marsha for that one. She tends to do that every now and always but I love her still.

Word to J.cole that I'm trying to find me a chick who stays out in DC like a lobbyist. I heard that have nice bitties out that way and your boy is mos def going to be GQ worthy on his trip so I'll inform you guys what goes down as the days go by.

I now must head off and watch more of One Tree Hill. I can't explain it, but I feel a rush everytime I watch that show. Kind of like when Kobe wins rings and Lebron sits on the couch waiting on the next puppet commercial to embarrass him. Kob gets a thrill out of it I know. Maybe in the next 10 years, Bron Bron. Also, check out Rick Ross' "Teflon Don" and Curren$y "Pilot Talk" when they hit stores. Spitta's drops this week and Rick Rozay's drops next week. Support G.O.O.D music fools. Have a wonderful Sunday night. I'll explain my fascination with One tree hill on my next post.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tracklist for "Good Ass Job" Released

Rumors are out that kanye next cd's track list has been released AND the record is NOT gonna be called "Good Ass Job" mweh :/ guess we'll just have to see what Ye has up his sleeve and see that chain in the pic there's been reports that Ye dropped 300k on it!

1. Hell Of A Life
2. Dark Fantasy
3. Power
4. Chain Heavy
5. Ghetto University
6. That’s My Bitch
7. Runaway
8. Lost In The World
9. Gorgeous
10. Monster
11. Holding Me Back
12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy
14. So Appalled
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat On My Face

Shouts out to fakeshoredrive for the info

Friday, July 9, 2010

Scalin The Mugfuggin Building

Every day, yo boy DP will be dropping some new music for yall to jam. Right now I have this song on repeat on my ipod and it sounds SO good in the whip. I'm sure most of you all know about Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa and if you don't, stop sleeping. This song is called "Scalin the building" and it is some SMOOTH ish. I've already put alot of my partnas on the Spitta and Khalifa train but some are still not with it. It's okay. I'll forgive you for your sucka ways. But don't try to get on the plane when it finally takes off on you fools.

We All Got Dreams...And We All-Star Reaching

Well first post and it shows you wear my heart is in my opinion this just made any lebron legacy vanish away bc I wouldnt mind him going anywhere else but why go to a triple threat like that cmon on now did mj just run away from his problems when the pistons were a hurdle smh that guy you call the "king" just became dwade's flunkie for the most part bc no matter what he does or how many rings he gets dwade will always have one more ;)

On the other hand tho Vonta pretty much explained all you need to know about me excited bout the site tell your friends tell everyone

aaa vonta I been waiting on you to post something first haha

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Show

Awww man. Please pardon the dopeness and pardon my lateness to my own damn blog. Gerard is somewhere right now totally forgetting that him and I have a blog that some people are dying to read. G came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago and of course, I hopped on the idea because I am a "yes" man. I'm learning to say HELL no nowadays but thanks to the rapper Charles Hamilton, I'm kind of intrigued to blog.

To give all a brief intro, I am DeVontae Palmer, 1/2 of this PTD crew. My partner is Gerard Restanio and we both just graduated from high school. We are also both going to attend the University of Mississippi(Ole miss) this fall and yeah we look to tear some ish up. We both played basketball this year but he was playing and I was more like a Damon Jones type of cat who would talk endlessly and give pound to teammates after the game. I never took showers after games that often. Sad, but I'm cool with it. Whenever G gets on, he can give you his life story but just to let all know, this blog is just to show you all the dope ish that we do daily. Everything from music, to basketball, to beautiful females that we converse with, we tell it all. I have another blog called hibachi 2.0, but I think I will giving them my "I really loved working here but I'm just ready to do my own shit" speech. Welcome to the show my friends. Check back everyday for the some nice knowledge from your boy DP.

And as far as Lebron decision tonight goes.......HIS LEGACY WILL BE NO WHERE NEAR JORDAN'S IF HE JOINS THE HEAT. #thatisall.