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Monday, July 26, 2010

One season at a time

Meh. Meh. Meh. Exactly how I feel when it comes to blogging sometimes. I don't feel it necessary to blog everyday about how I'm feeling or what particular event made me feel like I was the "man". But I'm starting to realize that I need this blog to vent whenever I feel like it. That means I could drop 100 more posts tonight if that would get some ish off my mind. That also could mean that I could wait until December 31 and run down my year and how I expect to be more "involved" with my life and take a stand. I'll just take the middle, I presume. Let's just say I will never go more than a week without post SOMETHING that is of some importance to me. Last week, you guys got the skinny on my trip to DC and how we straight balled out on food like it was the last time we were gong to see it. Today I just want to say that I am a One Tree Hill junkie and I'm damn proud of this obsession.

My relationship with the One Tree Hill all started way back in 03 when all we had was the antenna with the foil around the tip to receive 4-5 channels. Out of those 4 channels, 3 of them being news channels, only one made me not go into a depression from boredom. That was the WB. I watched the WB channel on weekends anyways because their Saturday shows were so intact and dope. This is when Yugioh was poppin and all the kids had the cards and were searching for the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Digimon use to come on too I think. Or was that Pokemon? Eh, its not important now but anyway the WB was the channel that appeased me the most. One Tuesday night while I was watching the channel, some show came on and it had this guy and this one chick making out in a beach house. At the time I didn't feel like watching this lite porn so I was making a move to change the channel when they dipped right from that scene and showed a scene of the same guy shooting some hoops. Well, that is when the syringe of the drug called One Tree Hill hooked me and made me want more. I didn't give a EFF about all the love triangles and relationship problems that the show usually displayed. All I cared about was the basketball portion because at the time it was the only basketball I could ever watch seeing that we never had ESPN until around 05.

Every episode had basketball somehow tied in the storyline. To give you a skinny of the whole series, basically it is about two brothers, Lucas and Nathan, who live in Tree Hill, Carolina. They both have the same father, Dan Scott, who gets Lucas' mother pregnant when they are just in high school and then leaves her for college where he meets Nathan's mom and gets her pregnant. He chooses to marry Nathan's mom and start a family with him and he forgets all about Lucas. The show starts with Lucas and Nathan not even knowing each other until one day Lucas tries out for the high school basketball team. Lucas and Nathan at first hate each other, but as time rolls along they become good friends and even better, good brothers. They both have their share of love triangles and that is mostly what the whole series is about. Season 1 is the only season where they really just focus on basketball and keep the love shit second. Every season after that is the reverse.

I know this is a weird blog post just on the simple fact that I am claiming my love for a "show" that most of you don't watch. If you do watch it, hey, I like you and we people. So far I have watched four seasons on the Internet in a little more than 3 weeks. That is freaking crazy if you know how many episodes usually come in TV series. I believe one day I watched 15 episodes in a row. My mom is actually worried that I might like the show tooooo much. Meh. I just really want to watch the rest of it and catch my mind back up to speed on all the episodes. 03 was a long time ago and I just wanted to go back and watch all the episodes again to relive that feeling I had when I watched it when I was a young teen. One Tree Hill is my "soap opera" addiction and its the best show to have one on. Mainly for the hoops, though. So far I've watched the seasons like the Stars Wars shit. I started at season 5 and watched 6 and 7 in a couple of days. I'm done with season 1 and I just started on 2. Now that I have gotten all this off of my chest, its time to pop that corn and sit and watch around another 10 episodes tonight. Goodnight to all. Y'all be easy.

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