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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm still here....just check my boarding pass youngin

I probably should have taken my laptop with me on my flight. I'm new to the flying phase in my life and I experienced the true "air" for the first time last Wednesday. I informed you all I was going to DC to this little conference that is supposed to make regular students into phenomenal leaders. Last year was 101 for me in San Antonio and it was one of the best times of my life. Sans drinking and other "activities" kids use for a good time. This year was 201 and I would have to say that I had an even better time than in 101. Only thing this year lacked was my Israli brethren. Shoutout to my homies Cameel, Majd, Nas, and Yousef. We will link up again ONE day. Just wait till I get my money right.

As far as the plane ride, it is truly one of the dopest things I've seen in my life. The world looks so beautiful up in the air and it is really wild how quick you can travel from one side of the world to another in a matter of hours. Some of my other church members were quite afraid to fly but it felt like I was meant for it. I am kind of freaked out by heights but it was cool once I got the hang of it. One thing I will remember once I get my status in this world is that Delta airlines is hella wack. The plane was too crowded and their snacks were sub-par. Even first class looked like they weren't living the life. One of my main problems with flying is maybe my ears are stuffed with wax or something but they were hurting like the city of Cleveland when Bron Bron changed his jersey. I learned the key, however. Just keep yawning and your ears will be fine. This is very random but becoming a member of the Mile High Club has to be a great thing to experience. 30,0000 feet and doing your thing? Ah, dammnnnnnn(Drake voice).

Once we landed in DC it was like going from a high school football workout to a college one, the pace will KILL you if you are not prepared for it! I've never seen an airport like this one because 1) I don't fly and 2) what airport has starbucks and burger king and lacoste stores right down below baggage claim? I'm guessing every big city airport has these luxories but it was really dope to see it for the first time. For all my friends out there, when you see me again and I have a sort of "jackass" attitude, blame it on these dang notherners. They really know how to treat a brother up there. They will bump right into you without saying excuse me and if you try to say hello to anyone, they will give you the look that Herman Edwards gave the press when they asked him about the chiefs going to the playoffs. But I got use to their behavior and I kind of get a thrill out of being a jackass anyway so thanks to the people of the north.

Best part of DC had to be Five Guys. Think if Mondo burger and Good Burger joined forces and this is the kind of meal you have. They also give you the most fries with the rally steeze to go with it. Mcdonalds should take notes from this seeing that whenever I order a large fry from their Establishment, they fill it up like it's a medium fry. Bad business yo. Take about four bites of their regular hamburger and you will be satisfied. The best news I've heard since I've been back home is that Madison has a Five Guys! You can most definitely bet that I will be at that spot sooner than later.

As far as the conference went, it was pretty much the "life". The hotels that is, word to my homie Dom kennedy.

The first night was probably the best night because we actually got the chance to hit the streets and see how the district of Columbia got down. One thing I will give DC is that they have the best food. It is so diverse and every place has a distinct flavor to it. Their Chinese rice was kind of weak compared to OEC in the sip but their jerk chicken had your boy having withdrawals for real. Besides the food, the women there are really pretty. Wale knows his area well.


I met a chick at this place called Thaiphoon out in DC. It was a local Chinese spot my crew and I checked out and it was were the jerk chicken craze began. It was this pretty bittie sitting by the bar and she was eating something that smelled like a dog's ass. I don't judge though so I still made an attempt to approach her. Yeah she was Chinese herself, but boy was she nicceeeeee(fab voice). Long story cut wayyy short, I introduced myself and told her I was from the south and I was an up and coming music producer. Don't know what made me lie about that, but it just sounded good at the time. She was with my advances and she slid me the math. She probably knew I would never call and who knows, that might have been the number to the damn Chinese place she was giving me but I just wanted to know if I could get me some out of town ish and I was some what right. Too bad I was at a church conference haaaaa.

Student Leadership University preached some info to me that I never realized. There were great speakers from all around the world, and since we were in DC, alot of congressmen and women spoke to us about leadership and how it all begins at the feet of Jesus. I agree totally with that statement. God blesses us with so much and I know that I take it for granted everyday. I'm getting better at realizing that for me to be the leader I want to be, I have to follow Jesus' principles. Shoutout to Brent Crowe, the vice president of Student Leadership University. You know how some people just have that "it" factor whenever they speak in front of crowds? Like you would believe them if they told you that elton john really wrote the bible. Yeah it's a weird comparison but Brent is a great speaker just that way. I learned from him that vision is the most important thing that a leader must possess. That's the difference between leaders and followers. Leaders have that vision and they mold it into reality. Followers have no vision for themselves hence they must follow someone Else's to somehow form their own. I also met this guy called "Mr. Inspiration". His real name is Bob Weiland and he fought in the Vietnam War. His life was cut in half, literally, when he stepped on a land mine and it blew both of his legs off. I don't know about you guys, but if I lived having to know that I would never have my own two legs again, I don't know if I would be so optimistic about life as Mr. Bob. Dude came into the conference on his hoveround jacked up. All the way turnt up really. See if you don't know about the guy, I suggest you wikipedia him. To tell you his life story up until right now, they guy runs marathons. ON HIS BARE HANDS. If that is not enough to inspire one, then I'm stumped into how.

Great speakers made DC an eventful trip. The memorials and the muesums we visited also made the trip that more unforgettable. We visited all the memorials from Lincoln to the World War II memorial. DC is just really a big history class. Everywhere you go, you learn something new about the country and it makes me really proud to be an American. Huge shoutout to the soldiers who fought for my freedom and are still fighting to maintain the peace overseas.

If I were to get into the whole trip in "details", this post would be at least 3 pages long so I think I'll stop for now. Just wanted to inform all of the readers where the hell I've been for the past 6 days. I'm still alive. At least I feel alive for now.

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