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Sunday, July 11, 2010

DC chillin, DP chillin

Hello young world. Hows it going? I myself am in the best of moods seeing that I will be out of town starting wednesday for a very important trip. I'm heading off to DC for a 5 day stay at some luxurious hotel with great continental breakfast(here's to hoping they have waffles)for a student leadership conference. I feel like one of the "chosen ones" because this trip is sponsored by my church and they only pick the top 6 youth out of the church they feel should go. I'm in the second group of youth to go to the DC area and I should have been included in the first(shoutout to my boy Dimaggio) but I will not cry over superstars leaving a team because they are too afraid of the competition. The analogy was supposed to be cry over spoiled milk but since the whole Bron Bron f*ckery, I've made it a point to bash the dude whenever I can.

I will not discuss what I feel about the whole Lebron spectacle because it is what it is. He made the "best" decision he thought for his future and for his family and I can't be mad at a man for trying for keep his priorities first. On the one hand, however, I hate Lebron period so my Cleveland fam can finally share my hate. Cool.

Going back to the DC trip, I know I am going to do my thing out there as I usually do when I'm out of my comfort zone and into a new area. I've also figured out that I am basically a celebrity magnet. When I was in Atl in January, I met Jamal Crawford and saw The Dream in the span of 5 minutes. Jamal was very down to earth and kudos to the guy for being a stand up guy. Dream looked like he was in a rush to smash that strawberry cheesecake he was clutching ever so tightly to his chest. I'm guessing Christina Millian wanted it but I'm no Cleo.

Only thing I'm dreading about this trip is the hours. Around 62 hours of non-stop sessions about leadership. I admit I still need work on my leadership like the next guy but 62 hours worth of teaching? Not for the weak hearted I assure you. I may be exxagurating on the hours a tad bit but blame my youth director, Ms. Marsha for that one. She tends to do that every now and always but I love her still.

Word to J.cole that I'm trying to find me a chick who stays out in DC like a lobbyist. I heard that have nice bitties out that way and your boy is mos def going to be GQ worthy on his trip so I'll inform you guys what goes down as the days go by.

I now must head off and watch more of One Tree Hill. I can't explain it, but I feel a rush everytime I watch that show. Kind of like when Kobe wins rings and Lebron sits on the couch waiting on the next puppet commercial to embarrass him. Kob gets a thrill out of it I know. Maybe in the next 10 years, Bron Bron. Also, check out Rick Ross' "Teflon Don" and Curren$y "Pilot Talk" when they hit stores. Spitta's drops this week and Rick Rozay's drops next week. Support G.O.O.D music fools. Have a wonderful Sunday night. I'll explain my fascination with One tree hill on my next post.


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