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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Show

Awww man. Please pardon the dopeness and pardon my lateness to my own damn blog. Gerard is somewhere right now totally forgetting that him and I have a blog that some people are dying to read. G came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago and of course, I hopped on the idea because I am a "yes" man. I'm learning to say HELL no nowadays but thanks to the rapper Charles Hamilton, I'm kind of intrigued to blog.

To give all a brief intro, I am DeVontae Palmer, 1/2 of this PTD crew. My partner is Gerard Restanio and we both just graduated from high school. We are also both going to attend the University of Mississippi(Ole miss) this fall and yeah we look to tear some ish up. We both played basketball this year but he was playing and I was more like a Damon Jones type of cat who would talk endlessly and give pound to teammates after the game. I never took showers after games that often. Sad, but I'm cool with it. Whenever G gets on, he can give you his life story but just to let all know, this blog is just to show you all the dope ish that we do daily. Everything from music, to basketball, to beautiful females that we converse with, we tell it all. I have another blog called hibachi 2.0, but I think I will giving them my "I really loved working here but I'm just ready to do my own shit" speech. Welcome to the show my friends. Check back everyday for the some nice knowledge from your boy DP.

And as far as Lebron decision tonight goes.......HIS LEGACY WILL BE NO WHERE NEAR JORDAN'S IF HE JOINS THE HEAT. #thatisall.

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  1. sick site Vontae. i know what u mean about doin ya own thing, thats why i ain't posted on Hibachi in a while, cuz i've started my own shit. but aye imma check in on the site a lot. good luck wit it, i'll try to help spread the word too. peace