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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be still.....let me finish

Today is the day for something that I've been missing for along time. I will not specify what that is but let's just say the neighbors think I moved because your boy stay "gone". I'm close to signing the papers that make this blog just mine because I don't know where the hell my partner G.Stanio has ran off to. He is probably stackin his paper just right but he did make an agreement to help me out so get on your job G!

I've been blasting Curren$y's new album, Pilot Talk, all day long and I must say that it is very dope and it will be put in my CD changer as soon as I step out later today. It's excellent cruising music while the sun's out and you have a pretty bittie next to you rollin something nice up. And yes, I know a girl who has those abilities and she is now one of my best friends. For now that is, until I put that hypnotic karate on her. Yeah, it's that serious. As far as doing an album review, I will say this, I had every so called "track" on pilot talk before it came out so listening to the album really wasn't exciting because I've played the fugg out of all those tracks. But it is still pure fishgrease to say the least. My favorite song on the album would have to "Prioritize" featuring Nesby Phipps. The beat in it's own right makes the song a 7/10. Put that with Spitta smooth wordplay and flow, and you have a hit. I know there are some people that don't like the whole Spitta and Wiz Khalifa movement that is taking over right now. The Jets X Taylor Gang thing seems cultish to them. Honestly, I saw this coming from day one. I've been a Spitta for ever since he was with Young Money and saw the potential there for him to become a huge star. Wayne was just a bad boss back then and he still is now. I still think to this day if Wayne would have kept him, they would be taking over the rap game now. Drake, Spitta, and Wayne? Preferably old Wayne? Mannnn that's some Miami Heat ish right there. Curren$y made the right move though, and he blazed his own path. He is about to make the Jets a household name and people are starting to hate it. Let em hate I say. Everyone that says all that him and Khalifa do is make weed songs are 100 percent correct. But they are being 100 percent real with their lifestyles and they still make the music good while only talking about weed. To shorten my rant, all I mean is I would take Spitta and Khalifa making feel good music you can vibe to rather than all these other so called "tough guy" rappers who live nothing close to the lifestyle they claim to portray. Its that simple.

See? I get off track so quickly. I wasn't even supposed to be discussing music but my mind rambles so much I just right down what spews out of it. Tonight I will most likely start the countdown of my favorite artists in the game and some of you will be surprised. But my friends can vouch for me and tell you all that I always give them the hot new artist to listen to. I'm known for that. Ask G about me haha. I will leave you all with my favorite song off of my homie spittas new album, Pilot talk. Go cop that right now and get down with the Jets movement!

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