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Sunday, August 8, 2010

You out yo mind? You out yo League!

Applaud Gerard for finally putting up a post. Boo him for butchering my middle name. Must have got it from Lizzy McGuire haha. Boo him also for not buying me those KD2's that were looking mighty OD when I saw them on the text message. Whatever though, we supposed to roll together for the next four years so I will forgive him for his sins.

Cooking right now word the based god Lil B. This sounds mad crazy, and I mean CRAZY but I kind of like Lil B's music. Maybe it's because his music is comedic relief for me in a rap game where some fans take shit too seriously nowadays. Maybe it's his whole "cook cook woo woo swag" demeanor. I got to admit though, the WOO, WOO, WOO!! gets me hype everytime I hear it. Maybe the ignorance is something I need in my life, but I dig Lil B's direction. LET THAT BOY COOK!! With that being said, he does makes some garbage ass music. It's so bad, it can pass as good sometimes. I think it's Soulja boy tell'em that has him that way, but that is what happens when niggas start collecting checks. I pray I don't act that way when I get a little swizz cheese. I probably will though. It's just a nigga urge.

I got to stop blogging and cooking bro! It messes up the whole proccess and I have burned two batches of cookies in a row. I'll eat the 2nd burned batch just because my girl has to get use to my cooking. I promise the chef will back in the making soon baby!

I believe I'm about to watch Interview with a Vampire. My dad told me it's a flick. I don't know whether he means that in a porno way or a good "flick" way. He could mean both. My father is complex like the magazine. I will leave you all with some cooking music to get your culinary arts on with. WOO! WOO! SWAG!

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