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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Room Therapy

Live from room 233 and your host Professor Tae-Z is currently bogged down with all kind of bullshit work. I'm trying to work on this paper for English, but I probably have the worst writer block known to man. Sometimes I feel my mind doesn't work. AT ALL. It goes to its workplace at night, though. I have had some of the craziest dreams of my life the past 3 days and I owe it all to Ms. Lucy. Thanks Dodd. Life seems so much more viewable in my eyes now. Not saying I am the suicidal type or anything but I admit I wonder why I'm living sometime. I don't like living in a world lacking purpose. These past few weeks I have been able to binge on greenery and drinks galore, and meet woman that I have strange attractions to. Ms. Mullins we need to get our relationship worked out because I know behind all of the bithcery and hard-head antics, you have some feelings for me. I've been jamming C.Hamilton in 3 hour sessions trying to get the right words to say to you....It's hard because for some strange reason I am in love. I would never tell you that because I still want you to talk to me and I don't want you to think I'm a weirdo who's just desperate for a girl. *Sigh* Speaking of love interests, there was this other girl I met two weeks ago that literally made me feel she was my future woman. I guess I was wrong since she hasn't returned any of my texts or facebook messages or twitter messages. Maybe I should chill? Yeah I think I will.....she was truly one in a million though. and from Ohio. We could have blown and listened to cudi's "Mr.Rager" all night long. That is theme music for me during the weekend. Since I've dropped my hopes of getting that chick, I returned my attention to Ms. Mullins. You think I don't see the little acts of love that you show to me when no one is around. I get it, the whole "black" guy thing is weird for you. I'm use to liking white girls. Scary thing is I prefer white girls over black girls. *Hears gasps from the crowd and sees the stank faces all the black girls give him* I'm not sure why, but I feel I was brainwashed since a child. My first girl was white. It's what I know and what I'm used to. It's the environment I was raised in. I don't no any better, but I do know that I'm feeling you and everything about you. I've got so many things to say to you, in so many different ways....sometimes I feel they can't be face to face. That's why I'm writing all this shit on my blog. You won't read it. Maybe you will. If you do, don't freak out. My love for you will not hurt. I promise. Hopefully one day you will see me as the man you want to be with some day. Until then, I will go back to my C.Hamilton music and dream about us strolling the grove, with my arm around you, and just chilling on a friday night. This is just my first "official" love note to you if that's what you want to call it. I'm OD'ing right now so I'm about to chill and go back to the music and talking shit to state fans. I feel so much better now! Look at the title and you see all my posts will be that from now on. Something doing with therapy. The though of Ms. Mullins soothes me. Damn baby you too cold. Aite I'm chillin.


Prof. Tae-Z

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