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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. Ragerrrrrrrrrrrrrr is an emotional motherfucker

Last week, I came to an epiphany, or so I thought. Through all of the usage of (insert your favorite alcoholic drink here) I finally realized that the girl of my so called fucked up "dreams" wasn't nothing more than a trick. A beautiful, seducing trick but still a fucking trick. I will not apologize for my obscene language because I'm trying to get my post across so if you are not feeling my message, fuck off. Anyways, like I was saying, I came to the point where my love for this girl completely evaporated. Actually, my emotions for any hoe where completely gone. I told my mom, friends, and other random girls that I had no love for hoes anymore. I would never let my emotions get in the way of my mission. Basically I'm saying all I want to do know is smash and then leave the bitch on the spot. Why so ruthless Mr. Rager?? Because I have no emotions bitches.....but hold up, I just came to another Epiphany while I was typing my english paper...IF I HAD NO FUCKING EMOTIONS I WOULDN'T EVEN CARE TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN THIS MANNER SO I MUST STILL HAVE EMOTIONS BUT MY EMOTIONAL MINDSTATE IS FUCK YOU AND WHATEVER YOU STAND FOR BECAUSE I'M RAGING IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER. It feels good to have emotions again because without them, I am not me.

Since Mr. Rager is sort of like my alter ego, I've started to grow my hair out again. First time I grew it out was around 2 years ago because I wanted the Jamaican shit. Now I'm just growing it out for the fuck of it. People tell me I need a haircut and it's too nappy...do you think I give a damn what you think about me? Yeah don't answer that, you already know what it is. I'm done raging for right now, I'm off to bed. Got a college algebra test in the morning to fucking KILL. I'm sorry again mom for the language. I'm still finding myself right now.


Mr. Rager.

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