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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ben is a muhfuggin gorilla

This is going to trip most of you out, but I'm sober as fuck. Thats crazy huh? I never do posts unless I am drunk out of my damn mind...Thing is, tonight has been so fuggin cool that I had to post a little sum sum.

Thank God that I am not dead because earlier I could not even function and I thought I had the little flu bug. I'm so glad that was just some sucka shit that held me down for a couple of hours. Right now, i feel like I could drink a couple of gallons of barcardi with fucking ease.

On to tonight...my homeboy Jarrod brought some of his homegirls from state in. They look straight but I can kind of tell that they don't like me. Fuck em. I'm about this fucking money anyway and this ONE girl. Yeah I think I kind of fell in love again. I have these strong feelings toward one of my friends and she is so damn perfect. Don't tell her I said I love her but she has a piece of my heart fasho.

Shoutout to Cam's brother. He is one cool mothafucker. He is a champion drinker so he is all good with me.

Ryan and Brent.....yeah lets go to tha SKY again reallllll soon hahaha.

Ay Big Rich..I just mention you so shut tha fuck up about me not talking about you.

Ben did some lion king shit tonight, everybody in the LRC was F.A.D.E.D. Dante, Kendall, Sam, David, Ben.....tha force is with you young man. I literally DIED after watching his gorilla impression. College life is fucking sweet.

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