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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Always Highed Up

Currently I am baked. Some fools will tell you that they are "half-baked" but dammit who really wants to be half baked? When you want something, you want to 100 percent all the way and not half of the way. When you want some pussy, you don't be to have half-pussy, you want PUSSY! So I'm currently baked to the damn maxium right now. My homie David and I are chillin listening to some fat raps and devising a plan on how we will never be sober when we head to Panama in the Spring.

Shout out to Killa Cam and B-money(Brent) because we will be smashing top models come March my guys!

We lost in the egg bowl this weekend...so fucking what? Can't we just all grab a bong and tag along???

I'm going to be buffer than fucking chuck norris and sylvestor stallione combined. 500 push ups a day and tell me I will be able wipe my ass with a kleenex.

I'm writing fat raps right now because I feel that greenery inspires me to do the things I love to do with a passion. That is rap and fuck bad bitches. I feed my women champagne and dank ass green.

Shoutout to Ryan for smoking with some other guy. I thought we had a weed bond. That is where we smoke and chill and eat everything that is in James' snack bend. Sorry James, we kill your rice krispies, honey buns, fruit snacks, and breakfast bars alllllll the time. I will pay you back one day I just don't think it will be soon.

Shoutout to my "partner" in this blog, Gerard. This was our blog a long time ago until he stop posting shit so I made this my shit and I run the lane now. Anybody that comes in the paint will get banged on site. I'm something like kobe and melo in one. I slay fools. I take their bitches and we get high while you get sad and depressed.

Jazz is making some rotel dip. SMASHHHHHHH ON OOOOO LEARYYYY!!!!!

Logan Dukes=one of the thickest white girls I KNOW. shout out to her ass for shaking it on a brother this saturday at Taylor's Pub. I greatly appreciate it for real baby.

Finals are coming up and I am going to blaze through them. I'm going to do what my mom told me and that was drink alot of fluids and get a good rest. I agree mom. Gin and juice and great naps are what I need during finals. Can't wait.

David is making Sean Kingston/Jason Derolu/Fake Akon type of pop music right now. It's cool though because that is what makes money nowadays. And plus I'm high, so everything sounds cool right now.

Me and david flowing like a bitch right now. I'll catch you guys later. Studio flow right about now.

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